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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 24, 2013 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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channel. we'll see i right here next week. with. >>. >> heather: hello, i'm heather childers, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright in for gregg jarrett. topping news this hour, five days until massive budget cuts kick into effect and no signs at all of compromise in washington. >> heather: more potential trouble for the family of former olympic star oscar pistorius, word that his brother is involved. >> and key senators calling for a biometric i.d. card to track
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every american worker. privacy debate ahead. >> heather: but first, growing concerns over efforts in washington to avoid a looming budget crisis. with just five days left, five, before a series of across the board spending cuts known as the sequester take effect. lawmakers on both sides have yet to agree on a possible course of action. steve centanni is live from the d.c. bureau. how could these cuts affect government operations? >> they could affect them in any number of ways. obama administration now predicting some difficult circumstances, transportation secretary ray lahood saying air traffic controllers could be cut causing flight delays and the secretary of education saying the nation's school children will suffer because of strained finances in the state. listen.... >> means a lot more children will not get the kinds of services they need as many as
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40,000 teachers could lose their jobs. >> reporter: meantime, plenty of political finger pointing. >> the reason there is no agreement is because there is no leadership from the president on actually recognizing what the problem is. >> why is it that we can't come to the table and agree what cuts need to happen? that is what we should be doing. we shouldn't be passing the blame to the executive branch or saying this is obama's sequester >> reporter: both sides are pessimistic about changes to the agreement. >> heather: with five days left, you can understand why. what are the nation's governors saying? >> they had a meeting over the wined and some went on the sunday talk shows to talk about it. >> the real concern about respective states both in terms of the potential cuts, if they do nothing but also what the alternatives might ib. a lot of us feel like we are
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after difficult years and things are getting better but unfortunately the sequester could put us right back where we were. >> reporter: those cuts taking place march 1st ifing in snog done. >> heather: our political panel will talk a little later in the show about it. >> kelly: fox news exclusive, anchor chris wallace has landed the first interview with mitt romney and his wife. it will air fox news sunday next week. an additional portions will air right here on the fox news channel the very next day. wallace says he will ask romney he has dealt with his defeat and what he plans to do next and his thoughts about president obama's second term agenda. >> heather: more troubling news of the family disabled olympian oscar pistorius.
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he is free on bail now his brother is taking homicide charges for a woman's death in 2008. greg palkot reporting from south africa. >> reporter: another twist in the murder case of oscar pistorius. a lawyer for the family telling me that his brother carl is charged with what is called here culpable homicide. that is defined as negligent killing without intent. the equivalent involuntary manslaughter. it happened in 2008. they say he drove his car recklessly into a woman motorist and killed her. the first trial date was said to be last thursday and that is one of the days his brother was going to be charged with killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. forensic and ballistic evidence is being analyzed.
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cellphone records are being scrutinized and autopsy results are being scanned. as we're told he remains in his uncle's reluctance reluctance or just out. according to the uncle, it's living hell to oscar. >> and the family that reeva steenkamp stayed with. the own family is 600 miles away. in an interview with a local newspaper he said he got a message the night she was killed. it said and i quote, hey guys, i'm tired. it's too far to drive. i'm sleeping at oscar's tonight. see you tomorrow. this message, i quote again, he can rot in hem. >> kelly: we appreciate that report from south africa. >> heather: las vegas police finding a black range rover believed to be the getaway vehicle last week's deadly shooting in las vegas.
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they have named this man a prime suspect in the shooting which killed three people on the las vegas strip. an aspiring rapper was shot to death while two people in taxi died in the ensuing crash. several others were injured. >> kelly: tensions rightsing in the west bank. palestinian protestors clashing with israeli scattered showers zwrs there. it's at latest of series of violent demonstrations sparked by the death of a palestinian man while in the custody of police. now, there are new concerns this will all lead to a full-fledged uprising. conner powell joins us live. >> reporter: violent clashes between palestinians and israeli security. tensions have been on the rise in recent weeks. israeli officials are worried that the tension, growing tension could lead to a third uprising. first one killed thousands of
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people. a number of recent incidents have helped in the unrest, including the expansion of israeli settlements in the west. land palestinians wanted for their future state. the policies have been condemned by the obama administration but it continues. additionally they claim that hundreds of palestinian in israeli jails being held. one of them died this week. some 3,000 detainees reportedly took part in a hunger strike to protest his death. israel has demanded the palestinian authority which controls the west bank, they have called on them to curb the violence. so far the they have shown no indication to try to call for calm. with the violence increase ago and president obama's up coming trip there are fears that the violence is going spiral out of control. >> kelly: it's understandable because of the situation that is tense there to begin with.
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we appreciate you bringing us up to date. keep us informed. >> heather: we are going switch gears entirely. we are going to let the glamour, the celebrities, the dresses all of this can only mean one thing, hollywood gearing up for the biggest night. final preparations are underway for the oscars and dominic is live in hollywood with all... look at you. very nice. you look very nice. having fun out there? what is going on? >> reporter: we are expecting the first celebrities to get here. what has made the season extraordinary. the number of times that certain films are for best picture. lincoln came in last couple of weeks seems to be argo. that is because studios have spent so much money in the past few weeks try to woo those voters in.
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let's talk to mike. you have been looking this closely. tell us about that. >> it's been a tight race as you mentioned between disney and warner brothers, both ten million dollars each. and silver lined playbook and making a run for the last minute and h. >> and does it have any impact because it's a hell of push? >> i think that is why it's so close this year. reaction from the fashionistas, you know how much they are spending on dresses? >> it's going to be glamorous. i started with audrey hepburn when she wore that dress. >> and behind the statues all the dresses we've seen over the years. what is going mike this year
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special? is it going to be musical performance? >> barbra streisand is performing and jennifer lawrence. >> she is up for best actress. do you think she is going to get it? >> i think she may. >> now she will join us and we will talk about the celebrity chef that has been doing the catering and it's not just fabulous food for the party they will going something as humble as pork pie. >> eating humble by in hollywood. when does that happen. tell mike i'll see him at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> kelly: do any nibbling looks good out there. >> heather: a year ago he was covering war zones for us. now, he is covering red carpet. >> kelly: some u.s. senators is weighing the idea of requiring every american to carry around
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special high-tech i.d. cards. should an attempt to curb illegal immigration have come at a cost of individual privacy? we'll have a fair and balanced debate next. >> heather: and the u.s. justice department is the latest plaintiff in a massive lawsuit guns cyclist lance armstrong. these says they owe him millions. dentures are very difft to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check on the headlines, senate finance committee is voting on tuesday on jack lew's nomination for treasury success. if he passes the committee his nomination will go before the full senate and that could come as early as this week. >> pope benedict xvi giving his last sunday blessing to a massive crowd in st. peter's square. thanking the faithful before he resigns on thursday. and italians are heading to the polls today in a crucial parliamentary election that could shape their future. italy is one of europe's biggest economies. >> kelly: office depot's
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acquisition of office max among mergers that have been announced recently. wall street appear to have approved but the mergers must get by the justice department. lately they have made a habit of blocking similar deals. what is going on here? joining us is brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears", and always good to see you. why are we seeing so many of these messager deals taking shape? >> money. there is so much corporate cash on the sidelines that has not been invested. essentially what is happening, i think outside the financial sector, it's estimated there is $1.7 trillion on the sidelines in corporate cash reserves. they need to do something with that money. they are feel more confident. they are going to go on a shopping spree and essentially buying some of their competitors some competitors may not be
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doing so well and cost cutting so it's really money. >> kelly: is the obama administration right and fair to look at these with a lot more scrutiny and perhaps make moves to block it because of anti-trust situations? >> they are taking a really tough line. essentially that is in part because of the recovery. during a sefgh. anti-trust take a back-burner but the obama administration is being very aggressive. they are saying they will use the courts which they are trying to do in the anheuser-busch-modelo merger. the last time they blocked the merger was 2011 when they blocked the at&t merger. now, the president in his second term has just appointed somebody as the new cop on the anti-thrust beat and he is known as the anti-trust attorney.
4:18 pm
he is studying these issues very much and make a very hard line against some of these marriages. >> kelly: first of all, i wanted to ask you during the first-term of the obama administration, he did very little except for the 2011 break-up that you were talking between at&t and t-mobile. secondly term the economy is more stabilized. first term it was beleaguered. is this a reason why and giving him impetus to come out more aggressively? >> in part. we are seeing him aggressive on number, he says he has mandated and he doesn't have to worry about getting re-elected. so regulations, executive orders, this kind of antitrust, use the courts is the way he basically can get his will. >> kelly: what does this do to the business climate in america? >> stopping mergers, evidence is mixed. prices go up, sometimes they do
4:19 pm
and sometimes they don't but a failing firm argument, if a firm is going bankrupt and we think about american airlines and u.s. airways, so many airlines are going bankrupt, that if one goes bankrupt and only one is left, prices are going to go up anyway. why not let them merge and see if in fact they do cost cutting and basically merge them together might be able to save some money. >> kelly: so the silver lining in that kind of merger, what would be the downside? these larger companies could go in buy them up and cannibalize and jettison some of the people? >> a lot of times there are layoffs. that would happen if one of firms went under, but in the end they may grow to be a richer, deeper more competitive company. >> kelly: and hire more people
4:20 pm
creating jobs. i like what you said getting to the impetus of this. billions of dollars and the answer is money. >> it is money. that is positive thing. when we see this type of thing, wall street is giving a big thumbs up, too. we've seen the marketing up on this news. >> kelly: scratching its head when the government says, not so fast. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears", i love the way she says it. >> bills and bears! >> heather: we'll see you back in the next hour, as well. with time running out a top senator calling for president obama to strike a budget deal. >> do the big deal. mr. president, have a legacy of being president, do the big deal. quit playing small ball. >> heather: can he hit the long ball and cut a deal before
4:21 pm
spending cuts kick in? our political panel weighs in. plus, a bartender earns praise from the police of warning about a drunk driver but her boss, he had different reaction. we'll tell you what he did, up next. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for the top of the news. john kerry scrambling to salvage talks with syria's main opposition after the group's leader threatened to boycott an upcoming conference. the meeting is part of the secretary's first official trip overseas. >> kelly: u.s. state department is has joined in a search of a couple missing in peru. the san francisco couple that were on a biking trip were last heard from on january 25th. >> heather: ohio bartender says
4:26 pm
she was fired for calling a police on customer who was about to drive drunk. her boss says although she did the right thing, her actions would eventually hurt business. with massive spending cuts set to kick in five days, republicans are calling on the white house to get a deal done. this weekend on huckabee, lindsay graham erj go president obama with an alternative plan. he is calling a big deal. listen? >> the next time that i would put revenue on the table, flatten the tax code and make it fair and pay down some debt and lower rates for entitlement reform. next time republican should agree to do revenue is when democrats agree to fix entitlements, do the big deal. mr. president, have a legacy worthy of being president. do the big deal. quit playing small ball. >> heather: trey harden is
4:27 pm
former republican campaign manager and aide to the g.o.p. christie is spokesperson for vermont governor howard dean. thank you for joining us. march 1st, is five days away. we keep mentioning that. will there will be a grand bargain or big deal or is there even time for one to be reached. christie, i'll let you go first? >> satly, i don't think there will be any big deal or any kind of bargain that takes place but sadly not for democrats lack of trying. on four separate occasions republicans have refused a vote. democratic ats to the sequester and refused to force congress to work through their break rather than going home to their district. these guys are worse than college kids studying for a
4:28 pm
final they won't get anything done at all. >> heather: here is my question to you. do you believe that the president will even want to? there was an op-ed piece of bob woodward. and he points out the sequester was the brainchild, his words, of the president, pointed out that the automatic spending cuts initiated by the white house. they were put together by jack lew who was the then budget director and also put together by rob nabors. so do you even think the president is going to do this or this is what he wanted all along? >> he doesn't unfortunately and we have expected dom expected 11th hour miracles or deals being cut by our leaders but not this time. as christy said, all of their chips are in. they placed their bets. the president is betting on
4:29 pm
american electorate blaming republicans and for not giving him some sort of mandate he feels he earned in the election and republicans are betting on the fact that americans want to have a debate about government spending as well as insert some discipline in. the fact remains solutions are not going to happen in this town or on this issue unless both sides acknowledge they are going to hated parts of it. i would say american people deserve, that is called compromise, but they deserve that more than their futures being treated like a roulette wheel. >> heather: they do have an alternative plan that would keep the lower spending levels in place and give federal agencies greater flexibility to determine where the cuts are implemented provided that the balance remains between the defense and non-defense discretionary cuts.
4:30 pm
what about that idea? >> yeah, that doesn't pass the test. mitch mcconnell says there will not be any last minute deem and john boehner the one you described, he probably doesn't have the votes for. i don't think he has any intention to bring it to the floor before friday. at this point, what is the republicans' plan. they know that americans are going to blame them if the sequester takes place. americans said they approach the president's support but i'm not sure what republicans are doing here. >> let me be clear. i wasn't necessarily they know the american people are going to blame them. i'm saying the president is betting on that. i've been critical of republican party. i think they lack a vision right now. unfortunately they created some image for themselves that they are against people. they have a lot of work to do. i will say i want one democrat
4:31 pm
to stand with me and tell me why the government and the spending in this government is not the first option for looking at fixing this problem as opposed to the taxpayer being the first option. it just does not make sense to me. i think it's unfair. >> i would be happy to answer that question. >> heather: i don't have time, but i do know that 83% of americans in the latest fox news poll, they say government sfengd is out of control. something certainly needs to done. we'll see what happens five days from now. thank you both for joining us. to see senator graham's full interview. tune into huckabee at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> kelly: for a look beyond the news. here is liz's commentary. >> in words and images that have delivered news over pope's
4:32 pm
resignation, one purchase sasz all. soft sound of benedict xvi voice as he sat on a chair reading his pronouncement in latin. they scooped the competition but reportedly had to translate for some of the learned cardinals present. an ominous comment on ancient church in calls for modernization and preservation of central identity. early in his assented to the chair, the pope warned dangers facing the world. he said we are building a dictatorship of relativism and does not recognize anything and consists of ones own ego and desires. this was benedict's crusade, defending roman catholicism. speaking in latin as he
4:33 pm
announced his departure served as final reminder of his vision to return the liturgy to its roots. no guitar playing or communal kisses of peace during celebration of mass. a warped interpretation of the council known as vatican ii which benedict had held high hopes. essence of this pope is intellect and profound scholarship in a culture where erudition invites scorn. so the goal of this eight year in socialist europe where empty churches have become museums, his campaign to return europe to the catholic tradition has yet to catch fire. an effort begun by benedict's much loved predecessor, pope john paul ii. mind you any comparison between benedict and celebrity pope is
4:34 pm
invidious. a point made by fair-minded editorial writers. sex abuse scandal in church, involving homosexual priests continue to march catholic teaching and carries with it a whiff of sulfur. pope paul the vi a warned satan had earned the temple of god. working to eradicate the stain of abuse and apologizing publicly to victims and their families. in a move long overdo he recently fired the morally challenged cardinal roger mahoney of the los angeles diocese. it must be said, however, that while the church enemies have warmed to the scandal, too often catholics and n name only have used it as an excuse to ignore
4:35 pm
the teachings of the faith they long abandoned. and benedict's rest anything says the authority of the church is ambiguous. speculation runs high who will lead more than a billion catholics. although a fruitless guessing game often fueled by conspiracy theories. whoever is chosen will face grave sin. just last week, there is a report that pope benedict commissioned in the wake of leaks, butler leaked some of his private papers. the sealed reported authored by three cardinals has already exploded and said to have hastened benedict's departure, with stories of homosexual
4:36 pm
conduct within the holy city. next month, when the white smoke goes over st. peter's square, that report will be waiting for him as he takes up the cross that benedict wore with such elegance and grace. >> heather: still to come. u.s. postal service paid big money to sponsor the ones great lance armstrong. now, the feds they wanted it back. they are suing the admitted doper for fraud but does the case stand a chance? our legal panel weighs in. stay tuned. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility.
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>>. >> heather: fox news alert. jimmie johnson crossed finish line winning the 50th annual daytona 500 at the speedway in florida. this is after that devastating 12-car wreck at the same track
4:41 pm
during a nationwide race that was just yesterday. during that incident one driver's car slammed into the grandstand fence but luckily today the race went off without a hitch. jimmie johnson. there he is. of the daytona 500. i was there for media day. that was good luck for media day and talked to everybody with his little girl in his arms. >> she class act. >> kelly: department of justice now side go on to lawsuit against lance armstrong. u.s. postal service sponsored armstrong's team and for years he strongly denied cheating. he poured his heart out to oprah winfrey on national television and admitted that he was, indeed
4:42 pm
doping. the government now wants its money back. does it has a case. do you go burns and mercedes cohen. thank you for joining us. let's get to heart of the matter. a stunning case with his admission and now claiming armstrong defrauded postal service. justice department is joining the lawsuit that was filed in 2010. the bottom line is does it add anything to the case that landes had and what impact will it have going forward with this. mercedes? >> with certainly a lot of muscle for landes. he has the federal government, they have tremendous resources, much more than landes would have. here is the real thing here. we know he is liar and cheat.
4:43 pm
he may get a pass. they have to say wait a minute, if you look at the four corners of the contract with the post office it doesn't say anything about blood doping. it's going to come down to those fine hairs even though he has admitted and he doped, but he is going to say my contract didn't say anything about blood doping. big killer for the case and landes case, where are the damages? the defense team said you may have paid us $30 million but you actually were on our coattails and you won hundred million. where are the damages, judge? >> kelly: mercedes makes a strong case for lance armstrong. last month, he gave general add nationwide cheating on the tour de france races. what impact will his admission have on this lawsuit being filed by the justice department? >> looking backwards, i agree with mercedes on the damages' side of the case if in fact post office made more money, it
4:44 pm
becomes a hypothetical, an athlete violates the terms of the contract but the company makes more money. where i disagree with mercedes the postal contracted says it prohibits using narcotics and here is the important part or other drugs. so the lawsuit says he used i think what they caught schedule three substance, human growth who are hormone and others. they do have them on liability based on the television admission. as mercedes says the damages may be tricky. >> kelly: armstrong as attorneys have been trying to negotiate with a settlement but it appears two sides are far apart by tens of millions of dollars. post office went on to say it saw a benefit of hundred million dollars. if that is the case, how do you see the case playing out in terms of what arm strong will have to pay in order to settle this? >> great question.
4:45 pm
here is the real rub here. he is spending a lot of money. we're talking -- this case to defend himself, five million dollar ticketed to defend himself. he may say, anything around the five million, maybe settle it. the judge will have to intervene okay, post office, landoes, there are no damages here. five million would be extraordinary but frankly we'll ever know. if there is a settlement we won't know what the price tag is unless the government says we have to disclose it because we're a public entity. >> kelly: the bottom line is that lance armstrong is still fighting for his life. he has been stripped of all of his titles. he has been stripped of his grace. will he ever find forgiveness as you move forward getting beyond the settlement and getting beyond the lawsuits? >> that is great point. kelly, when he did what he did, give the tv interview there was
4:46 pm
a tremendous interception between law and public relations. all the legal pundits, client should never make admission. i agree with that. by the same token, public relation standpoint we have seen other athletes who have taken the road saying yes, i did use the substance and it's died down. that was the school of thought he was workers off of. >> i think part of the problem and that he he was admitted bully. he had so many skeletons in the closet. they weren't going to let the story die. >> kelly: that is good point, mercedes. even some of his friends becoming a bully. good to see you both. >> see you, doug. >> heather: from athlete in trouble to one that just did really well. congratulations to jimmie johnson who won the daytona 500
4:47 pm
and wanted to mention danica patrick came in 8th. congratulations to her, as well. bipartisan proposal to verify that workers are american citizens, new high-tech i.d. cards that would be issued to everyone, not just illegals but critics are crying foul. plus, fast food restaurants now slimming down. what do you think about this. >> kelly: i think it's a good idea. >> heather: by reducing calories in their burgers. what it could mean for your bottom line. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four monkey? a baboon? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico?
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>>. >> heather: a growing debate in washington following reports that some u.s. setors are now considering an am immigration bill that would force all u.s. workers to carry around biometric i.d. cards. it is an idea that is raising serious concerns among privacy advocates. joining us both radio talk show heostsd. thank you for joining us. rock, i'm going to start with you. invasion of privacy or a more efficient way for employers to determine who can legally work here in the u.s. what do you think? >> an absurd idea.
4:52 pm
it's quintessential invasion of privacy. you lose your right to privacy with this kind of technology. >> heather: mike, what do you think? >> a bipartisan bad idea. i like it. we have a general rule on our show that any bill from congress that is directly pulled from the movie idoocracy is good. let me give you three. it's nowhere in the constitution and it is of no, every business owner should have the right to hire whoever they wanted. they shouldn't have to prove it to the federal government. third, it won't work. if you are getting paid under the table now this isn't going to change anything. we're going to spend billions of dollars and we're going to get a lousy federal database. >> heather: you mentioned hollywood.
4:53 pm
why shouldn't we follow their lead, and images that i managed to find >> hello. welcome back. >> heather: there is assorted tank tops. is that the future we are facing. is that really a possible reality of what is to come? >> my concern is that at some point, human beings are involved in this process. when we look at the abuses of government and the lack and failure of leadership over the last many years, who in the world wants the leaders that that we look at on capitol hill to having an opportunity to follow us every step we take? it's like having a monitor on capitol hill so those freaks can look in your bedroom.
4:54 pm
>> chuck schumer bragging about the fact that the language is intentionally broad. we should never give 535 people in d.c. intentionally broad, undefined powers under any circumstances. >> heather: they also say it would just be used for employment vaefgs but in terms of employment. we are facing 7.9% unemployment here. we have 12 million people legally looking for work. >> we must find another way. >> heather: what is the other option. >> i don't have the answer for that. i know i have the answer for what is being proposed here. it is absolutely insane. just recently like 20 years ago they abolished the pass system. black folks in south africa had to have a pass system. this rings well too similar to
4:55 pm
that. it's just get rid of this, no way. >> we wanted to have a serious conversation about immigration we need to talk about entitlement system and welfare. we need to make it's yes, sir for immigrants to come in but not put and unfair burden on everyone. >> heather: what about the strengthening the system the e-verify system, would that work? is that an option? >> i'm ron paul system, he doesn't like it because it turns employers into federal agents trying to enforce immigration law, but that a state issue. we'll let states have a good conversation but it doesn't need to be done on federal level. >> you are really talking the root of what you are talking about here is ultimately trying to have a strong economy. mike just mentioned the word welfare. i never like to hear that word used if we're not talking about the incredible massive abuse of
4:56 pm
corporate welfare. so we really need to attack this in a comprehensive kind of way, not some knee-jerk reaction like sticking someone's finger to verify who they are and whether they can be employed in this country. >> heather: i have to wrap it up there. thank you. >> kelly: bipartisan debate. oscar pistorius is out on bail accused of killing his model girlfriend on valentine's day. now his brother is facing charges of killing another woman. >> heather: budget battle in washington spreading overseas. spending cuts could mean longer deployment for service members. [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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>> welcome, everyone, to a brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters." >>heather: nice to have you here. topping the news for you this hour, afghan president karzai taking action against special forces kicking them out of a vital province as they risk their lives to defend that nation. >> a bizarre twist in the oscar pistorius story, trouble is all in the family. the brother of oscar pistorius is facing homicide charges of his own with the latest from south africa.
5:01 pm
>> preparations for hollywood's biggest night in full swing and we are live on the red carpet as we gear up for the academy awards. >> but, first, in five days from now the federal government is about to see the budget slashed by $85 billion as part of mandatory spending cuts known as the sequester. steve is live from the washington, dc bureau and joining us. steve? >> the impacts could be far and wide if the sequester goes through. transportation secretary lahood says he will make other cuts first but he would be forced to cut air traffic controllers delaying flights across the country. >> safety will not be compromised. we will have to work with airlines in slowing planes down. there will be enough controllers
5:02 pm
so the planes are guided in and out safely. >> the president and congress have not sat down for any last-minute negotiations and each says the other is playing politics. the pentagon would take a major hit. senator john mccain says today that the impact on the military would be unconscionable and could mean longer tours of duty for troops in afghanistan. the nation's governors, democrat and republican, anticipate possible economic effects in their states. >> all of this is a concern for our respective states, if they do nothing or what the alternatives could be. we feel after very difficult years we are starting to come out of it and it is getting better and unfortunately the sequester could put us right back where we were. >> the sequester takes effect march 1 unless congress takes action to stop it so far, no action. >> no action?
5:03 pm
no one talking to each other? what a surprise. >>heather: think the budget battles in washington, dc will not hit you in the government warning now that if sequestration occurs it could mean a furlough of meat inspection workers which could cause trouble at the meat market. >> politics could get in the way of being able to eat the foods we like to eat. >> if this happens, the prices could go up a little bit at first but it is just the product that will not be available. >> with no agreement from congress the automatic spending cuts will kick in this friday. >> troops are being kicked out of a province in afghanistan that is strategic. karzai giving them two weeks to leave an area that has been the primary focus for counterinsurgency operations. the decision comes following allegations that afghans working alongside the american troops
5:04 pm
have been killing and torturing villagers in that region. >> more legal woes for the family of "blade runner" oscar pistorius, the double amputee making bail on friday. he is charged with murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day. now, his brother is facing charges for a woman's death in 2008. greg palkot reporting from south africa. >> another twist in the murder case of oscar pistorius, a lawyer for his family confirming to me that his brother is charged with what is called "culpable homicide," killing without intent. in the united states voluntary manslaughter in 2008. he drove his car recklessly into a woman's motorcyclist and killed her the lawyer said she ran into him. the first trial date was set to be last thursday which is one of
5:05 pm
the days his brother was in the dock for allegedly kill his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the probe into the murders involving oscar pistorius is reportedly if high gear. forensic and ballistic evidence is analyzed and cell phone records are scrutinized and autopsy results are scanned as we are told that oscar pistorius remains at his uncle's luxury house. it is live willing hell for oscar pistorius. finally, we have heard today from the father of the family that reeva steenkamp stayed with when she was here in this area. her family is 600 miles away. in an interview he said he got a message from her the night she was killed saying and i quote, "high guys i'm too tired, it is too far to drive, i'm sleeping at oscars' tonight. see you tomorrow. the message from this man to oscar, he can rot in hell.
5:06 pm
>> thank you, greg palkot from south africa, thank you. >> a massive clean up underway in the midwest after last week's storm in mason city, iowa, crews are working through the day using heavy-duty plows to keep the runway and takes ways cleared and now the burden of digging out is shifting to new england as it is getting hit with another storm, a winter storm. another one? is this true? maria: a third weekend in a row we are look at more snow across portions of new england and many areas recording over 6" so far across southern areas in new england so states like new hampshire and maine and across massachusetts are looking at the more significant snow fall accumulation from the storm system locally up to a foot of know is possible as we head into higher elevations and with the wind and that is why we do have the winter storm warnings in affect across the area. otherwise, as we head west the last couple of days, we are
5:07 pm
actually talking this week about a larger storm system impacting portions of the plains with a lot of snow, record snow in kansas, now we have a new storm system monday into tuesday is going to bring blizzard conditions across kansas, oklahoma, texas panhandle and snow fall accumulations could exceed a foot so another winter storm is expected to impact this area, with strong winds over 30 miles per hour at times. on the southern side of this system, temperatures could have severe weather headed into tomorrow in texas and louisiana and mississippi and alabama, all the way into the florida panhandle. a wide-spread area that has a chance of tornadoes, large hail, and even damaging wind from the thunderstorms that will be firing up across this area flooding another big concern, as well, from heavy rain from the storms, otherwise north central texas could see severe weather. look at the precipitation we
5:08 pm
expect out here: texas panhandle and oklahoma and kansas a foot or more and heavy rain in the southeast. >> winter showing itself big. thank you. i think. >> the stars will be out tonight in tinsel town hoping to pick up a statue of a little goldman. as hollywood gears up, one celebrity chef has a full plate preparing for the 85th academy awards. dominic is live for us in hollywood with more on that. dominic? >> the government policy which is the official part of the oscar is a highlight of award reason. the man behind it is wolf gang puck a good friend of fox with us herehhv]lxl now. what will you seven tonight? >> we will have a meal like someone could dream of the we will make 15,000 dishes. so, everyone could have a ten course menu if they want. it will be amazing.
5:09 pm
we will have lobster. baked potatoes with cavier. and when the ceremony is finished we will have great sushi station. we will have japanese steak and saladh1tt. food for vegans and vegetarians. everyone will have something delicious. >> that looks like a pot pie. you are serving celebrities pot pie. >> chicken pot pie with black truffle. it is so delicious they ask for it every year. the board of governors says i don't care what you give to tom cruise or the movie stars, make us a pot pie. >> how picky are they? have you had one send something back? >> it is the opposite. they ask for more. this year i have 100 bottles of
5:10 pm
dom chilling for all the winners and their team and the producers so it will be a great party. >> the best champagne in the world, as well. >> best of luck. who do you want to see win? >> i think spielberg and daniel day-lewis and hathaway, maybe, and the austrian, for "amour." you heard it from the man who serves the stars himself. >>heather: so jealous, you didn't ask what he is wearing? >> okay, what are you wearing in. >> this is not my own design, it is a friend of mine from saville row in london. >> you are looking very plane kid. >> he made me a special jacket
5:11 pm
that goes with your beautiful outfit. >> we will tell you who will be walking down the red carpet in a while. back to you. >> big celebrity right there. thank you, dominic. later this hour our own oscar expert joins us live and we will get his predictions. >> he is very good. >> he is good. i will google. >> they will be eating well out there. we >> back to some of the thing we are talking about appear off-duty police officer is being hail as a hero putting his walk down the aisle on hold to stop a crime. >> americans are putting the brakes on fast food and changing their appetite. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone.
5:12 pm
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>> now a quick check of the headlines. pope benedict giving the last sunday blessing to a massive crowd at st. peter's, before he resigns on thursday. a cop in california is call add hero for catching a first snatcher on the way to get
5:16 pm
married when he helped arrest the suspect. and mitt romney and his wife, giving their first post election interview though chris wallace next week and he will ask him about the defeat, his future, and his thoughts about president obama's second term. health tune in for that. well, so long super sized americans are putting down the triple decker cheeseburgers and their big fries and favorite fast food chains are noting. what does it mean? brenda is a senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls & bears," and will talk about this. i went to mcdonald's to do some research and wendy's and burger king. i love hamburgers.
5:17 pm
>> i do like fast food. how much is this going to affect the industry? what is happening, the obamacare is mandating a lot of the restaurants put the calories of each of their items on the menu nation-wide. we are doing it in new york city at most mcdonald's and burger kings but now it will be nationwide. what is really interesting, basically they are not ahead of the market but following the market. i went to mcdonald's the other day, and it used to be you would get a big mac, french fries and a shake. i didn't even know what to order because there were salad, and smoothies and happy meals so the fast food industry has been trending to offering lower calorie alternates because that is what the customers are
5:18 pm
demanding. i don't know that this has that much of an impact. >>heather: pineapple smoothie, that is not exactly healthy, though. >> it sounds like it is but it is not. so seeing the calories is changing the way people are eating. we saw when panera bread started doing this the customers were going to lower calorie alternates and the same is true for starbucks, some of their drinks are worth five days of calories for an average person and they saw a lot of people started trending toward the lower calorie alternates. mcdonald's has not noticed it yet in this offer but they have offered the lower calorie alternatives because that is what the customers want. >>heather: i feel mixed about this, i am very healthy eater and into fitness anyone that knows me knows that but by forcing the restaurants to put the calorie counts on their
5:19 pm
menus, are they, the government, trying to force us into eating healthy to make us embarrassed because you look at the menu and you want the big mac but it has the calorie count. >> i call them the food nazis and we are seeing in new york you cannot buy super sized cokes and the rest. yes, government is slowly making its way into our refrigerators. here i don't think it is that much of an intrusion on industry because they have already started to do it. the market is demanding they do it. that is part of the issue. >>heather: obamacare is following it by forcing the restaurants to do it. >> this is a few instances where that is the cases yes. >>heather: i have a question, anyone can answer: favorite fast food to eat? >> i will share a story. if anyone is watching me that used to work with me in charlotte north carolina, i will
5:20 pm
go to taco bell, drive through, and spent $13. and eat all of it attack coe bell. >> i like wendy's french fries and dip them in a frosty. >> my mother does that and loves it. >> my dad says he will go to wendy's and get my mother a frosty at night because she wants it. >> now that will make for a successful marriage. this is a trend we are going to see continue. >> by the end of this year probably we will see all fast food restaurants and most of them we will see calories next to the menu. >> but do not feel guilty if you want more calories every now and then. n /bmáq)ything in moderation.u. >> except for big a year. >> thank>9%sjg you, brenda. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" on saturday morning
5:21 pm
at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here. what is your favorite? >> i am so good i might sneak a chicken nugget. >> boooooring! >> got to bring sexy back and get trimmed up. >> sexy never left. >> while we talking about trimming how about our budget trimming? with massive budget cuts looming state governors have a few words for washington. we will hear from some of them coming up and a young american couple on adventure trip across south america drop off the radar. now the state department is stepping in. ♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses.
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>>heather: it is bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news.
5:26 pm
las vegas police looking for 26-year-old man identified as a prime suspect in last week's deadly car shooting, looking for this man who they say has a long rap sheet and should be considered armed and dangerous. dozens of palestinian clashing with israeli soldiers in the west bank today. the violent demonstration were sparked bit death of a palestinian prisoner in israel custody. israeli officials say the man died of a heart attack. >> jimmy johnson won the 55th annual daytona 500. here is the video just in to the newsroom. really excited. and danica patrick became the first woman ever to lead a lap in the race and this comes a day after a terrifying crash at the track that injured dozens of fans. danica coming in eighth today. >> turning gears now, a desperate search to find an american couple who went missing while on a vacation of a
5:27 pm
lifetime. the pair from california vanishing in peru. they have not been heard from in weeks and now the state department is getting involved. now, live from our new york newsroom with the latest. >> this young couplem a biking trip through south america that kicked off in november. as of late january they have not been heard from. any were last seen in peru. the couple both in their mid-20 have been keeping in regular exact with family through face book posting contact through argentina and chile and january 25 they purchased bus tickets from cuscco to the capital city of lima but then face book posts stopped, e-mails ended and there has been no further phone or financial activity. family and friends hope the couple was just in an area too remote for contact. last week they decided to get the embassy involved in the hunt after nearly a month without
5:28 pm
hearing from them. a facebook page created to help find the couple seas government officials confirm they got east bus in lima and in a taxi. beyond that, there is no confirmed information. >> anything could have happened. i hope she is just having a blast. and they are doing what they went to do but had i not called you guys or just waited, there is always that "what if." >> the embassy in peru has issued a warning to citizens posting on the agency's website that the embassy has received information that members of a criminal organization could be planning to kidnap u.s. citizens, tourists, in cusco, with possible targets not known and the threat is credible through the end of february 2013. the embassy is posting an update that says family members have
5:29 pm
informed them the couple may have planned to travel on to a river city in eastern peru. officials in lima are working together to find the couple keeping family members up to date on the search. >>heather: we hope that has a good ending. >> there is no leadership in washington, dc. we don't do that at the state level. we make the tough decisions. we have to make real decisions, tough decisions sometimes of how to balance that budget not just take a meat a and cuss across the board but decide what you request make the cuts that are least effective on the economy and on our national defense. >> those governors speaking out at national governor's association winter meeting showing their frustration with gridlock in washington, dc, the capitol and the inability of the white house and congress to
5:30 pm
reach a budget deal as of march 1 deadline is getting closer, triggering automatic spending cuts across the board that could be draconian and drastic. we will bring in our political insiders to discuss this, pat caddell, a former pollster for president jimmy carter, and doug schoen, fox contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. our third insider, former new york congressman, john leboutillier, is home with the flu, john if you are watching, i know you probably are, we wish you well. speedy recovery and our prayers are with you. here we are discussing this and we five days away from the draconian measures that will kick in, automatic spending cuts. why are we discussing it when it did not have to happen? >> because there is a lack of leadership in washington. president obama only plays class warfare. he attacks the republicans for being agents of the rich. he is not serious. the republicans have no
5:31 pm
narrative, no argument, no plan of their own. both sides are playing politics. >> it is worse than that. we have cuts that are not across the board cuts but selected cuts, we are not touching social security or medicare or entitlements which are driving the cost up, and health care, which is driving the costs, they are not touched. these are selective cuts, and are triggered across the board and they have been offered for flexibility so we do not -- the president is running around predicting a situation that it will be fearmongerring situation. they are not interested in this. this is all about politics. the problem is, only one side is beingix] that is the president. >> but the governors are turning
5:32 pm
the corner if most of their states and you can hear their frustration. their economies are starting to stablize but with the stabilizing, when the sequestration cuts take place, it can spend them back into a very dire situation with their economy. >> states have to balance their budgets each year by law. the federal government, obviously, doesn't. we are in a recovery that as you suggested is very tepid. if the governors facing cuts in assistance that are blunt, meat chiefer-like, they are looking at the possibility of real problems and the national downturn and the gridlock we have just been discussing. it is not a recipe for anything but disaster. >> the gridlock, for example, we know that president obama made an attempt to prevent this by speaking with speaker boehner
5:33 pm
and mcconnell but it was halfhearted measure not doing enough. >> he just made a phone call. a if he was serious which he is not, wake up, folks, if he were serious he would have started months ago, weeks ago, two weeks ago, and brought people in the white house, gone to camp david, and doney7ó:)ñ something to sery engage. he made a phone call so he can have the excuse that he tried. his interest is not solving this. his interest is one thing: destroy the republican party. awarned, it is a double edged sword because the republicans are trying to do the same thing. >> but they are incompetent. >> pat is right, the republican party has no real support at this point. they are losing on the question of who you blame for sequestration. going from 49 to 31 or there
5:34 pm
about. bottom line, what obama is betting, it is a big bet, he is betting if they drive the e&÷o-v)(p's in terms of responsibility, and those numbers go up, the midterm elections will work for the democrats' advantage, he is willing to risk an economic downturn, a drop in economic growth, a drop in the storm, to press his political advantage and the republicans by their inept tuesday are complicity. >> here is the concern many americans have. if you look at this poll, who is to blame for sequestration cut, we will get beyond the blame game because there are 50 million people who are living on the poverty level and that should be a sin, a crime, atrocity. we are fighting about sequestration. >> first of all, as my daughter informed me this week, these people have no concern about what is going on in her life which is food prices which you
5:35 pm
talked about in the last half hour are going through the roof, gasoline prices are up 40 cents in a week, people with real incomes are hurting and we have in washington political gamesmanship or worse. the giveaways, if the president wants to take back the giveaways, from the fiscal cliff, he could. >> but let's talk, get in a room and solve our long term fiscal problems. >> he is the author of this. his -- the republicans embrace it. we were supposed to do something for a year. >> why isn't the author, like senator graham, saying why did the republicans sign on? >> they all signed on to it and agreed it was supposed to cause something. the country could careless. they are going to suffer when they start having pain.
5:36 pm
>> hold that thought we will show you what some of the americans really want done as we come back in our next segment to talk about what the members are looking for from their representatives in washington. americans, governors, are looking to washington to leadership as budget ballots rage on, and feeling shortchanged, our political insiders are back to discuss more of that after the break. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >>heather: now the headlines. the senate financesxj9?[ commie hold as vote on tuesday on the nomination of jack lew to be the next secretary of the treasury. the full senate could consider his nomination as soon as this week. secretary of state john kerry scrambling to salvage talks with syria's main opposition after the leader threatened to boycott an upcoming conference. the meeting is part of the secretary's first official trip overseas.
5:41 pm
have you seen this? a 101-year-old indian man is the oldest person ever to compete in a marathon after making history he says that he can finally hang up his running shoes. you think? >> amazing! >> congress is not getting the job done. there are new concerns among some that their party is going through an identity crisis, searching for a common message that can unite the party and rally the rank and file. how account g.o.p. overcome their differences and how does it all relate to moving the country forward? we will bring them back, pat caddell and doug schoen. again, john leboutillier is home with the flu. president obama took a swipe at the g.o.p. on a show with sharpton saying and i quote, "my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important
5:42 pm
enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations and they would prefer to see the kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery or closing tax loopholes and that binds our party together at this point." the g.o.p. political objective seems to be, according to the love different people in the g.o.p., that their opposition to president obama's the only thing that keeps them together. >> president obama knows that the republicans don't just stand for -- the republicans do not just stand for protecting the wealthy. the sad thing is the republicans don't have a clear message on economic growth, on expanding the economy, creating jobs, expanding opportunity and as you were talking before, of being inclusive. the president is able to attack because they don't have a message. bottom line is the republicans have no coherent need to respond
5:43 pm
to the president or his allies. bottom line, he is attacking an enemy but they are almost mute. >> why do you think that is happening? what is happening with the g.o.p. to cause it to be in an identity crisis? >> because they are in full scene december mode. i don't know if you want to compare it to the italian or french army. they don't know how to fight. you fight for something you believe in. they have had no narrative what they feel about where the country is headed economically in terms of the deficit. they do not talk but i said in the last segment, about the problems of ordinary people, with food inflation and gas prices. they don't talk about ordinary people. neither does the president. the president says tax the rich. he is so disingenuous because he says over and over what he knows is not true but it is working and that is what he wants. the republi'd;$h problem is, thy
5:44 pm
don't necessity how to fight. they don't want to learn how to fight. if they keep this up they are going do lose to a president who is not that greatly popular who has, remember one thing,> we will talk about the american people care about what they want. i will bring up a poll in terms of spending and in terms of what they would like to sees an increase on spending and a decrease. here is what they want to decrease? they want to decrease aid to the world's needy. they want to see people helped in their own country first before reaching out to help others. they are talking about the state departments unemployment,
5:45 pm
military and the needy in the up. now what they want to increase, they want to make investments in education but if we do not get our educational act together we will not be together. they care about veterans and social security and combating crime, roads, infrastructure, but where are the answers coming from in. >> there are no answers. bottom line, the political class is not speaking to the concerns of ordinary people. they are worried they cannot educate their kids or get adequate health care or care for their aging parents, they cannot make the men dream a reality, bottom line. >> we do not have leadership in this country, the reason we have the numbers we saw is because we don't have leadership that takes the american people as serious adult that says let's understand what we have to do to reclaim.
5:46 pm
>> do we fail that leadership because we lack courage? >> we lack courage but there is something else. where the president plays class warfare, what he should be doing is saying to the republican leaders, let's all get together, lock the door, throw away the key, 'til we get a long-term budget deal, a cut in entitlements, and a cut in a reform and taxes so we have a rationale fiscal plan going forward where everyone compromises. it hasn't happened. >> that would be a nice plan to see. >> if it doesn't we are going to see something else happen. this country sooner or later, the political class cannot hold down the country's desire for something bigger and better. someone is going do come along and provide it. it may not be in these two parties. >> i remain an optimism and believer in america. >> so do we. someone else would believe...but
5:47 pm
the problem is our political class has failed us all. >> we have to change it. thank you. john leboutillier our prayers are with you overcoming the flu. you can get more from the political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern at and at twitter. >>heather: i was disappointed i didn't see tuxedos on the set. hole weed celebrating the best in show business. soon they will pull up to the red carpet and we have oscar expert sharing his foolproof formula and we will try to stump him with trivia. stay tuned. [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
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>>heather: tonight is the night. the glitz. glamour. a lost gold. tinsel town is geared up. >> they will be looking good and eating good. there are a few clear favorites.
5:52 pm
will we see wild cards? we have our oscar expert not just predicting the big winners but guaranteeing them, a man who stands behind his word. washington could use a man like that. >> we project winners on election night for senate, governor, president. if we can do that, project winners after the polls close before the votes are coupled why not for the oscars? only about 6,000 voters, right? >>heather: you have a foolproof system. >> right i have done it for 35 years and i look all all the factors including history, the time on screen, if someone dies on screen, box office performance. based on that and my conversations with a number of the voters i can tell you who will win and i will not be
5:53 pm
wrong. best picture is argo. when it was nominated for best director we thought chances were dead because if you are not nominated for directing can you not win best picture but we have seen a backlash for argo which has won every preoscar award and it will win, they love the policemen and want to on him. when it wins best picture he will go on stage along with his friend george clooney so it will be a great night. it cannot lose. >>heather: i rented it last night. it is great. best actor? >> best actor is easy, daniel day-lewis. when we heard he would take it on we knew he would win. he won best in 1989 for "my left foot" and in 2007 for "there will be blood." astonishing work. the other guys, they are all
5:54 pm
great, but this year they cannot win. this year, he will get the third oscar, a record. >> for best actress, this is the big surprise, most say jennifer lawrence in silver linings playbook however, i can guarantee you with all due respect, she is not going to win tonight. she is only 22, she will have other chances. tonight, a woman not known in the united states, today is her 86th birthday and in this film she plays a woman who sufficients from a stroke, health go clients, and most i spoke to love the performance and want her to win and she will do it. watch for a great moment, jennifer lawrence and silver linings playbook, she good but it is not hype or not oscar caliber. you her it here first i
5:55 pm
guarantee it. >> we are running out of time. the last person, we want to stump you, to win best actor category from a musical would that be rex? >> my goodness. i thought i would stump you. >> best picture 1964 won eight out of 12 nominations. >>heather: this could be easy but the only oscar to ever win an oscar? >> the only oscar, what is his name...oscar...isn't it, oscar...oscar...i know this, it is oscar i know it, it is -- it was oscar hammerstein.
5:56 pm
>> congratulations there. >> you did it. i did have another one, you may not come back. but we are out of town. robert deniro was best supporting actor and anne hathaway for best supporting actress. >>heather: that does it for us. chris wallace is up next on "fox news sunday." >> a pleasure to be with you today. gregg jarrett will return next week. i will see you at 5:00 a.m. on "fox & friends" so please joint us then. ds fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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